Alpha North

An Ecosystem for Every Gamer

Integrated live & online competitive gaming and media.

Multiple Revenues + Multiple Verticals

The audience is massive. The opportunity is immense.
Online Ecosystem
Player Development
Neighbourhood Arenas

Alpha North Online Ecosystem

Unified gameplay, broadcast feeds, exclusive tournaments, endless content, wide online audiences and tiered subscription revenues.

Alpha North Events

We create world-class, immersive esports environments and events that attract & engage the next generation of fans and gamers.

Alpha North Player Development Program

Partner with professional sports organizations to develop esports youth programs. Identify, nurture and propel players to regional & national event visibility.

Alpha North Neighbourhood Arenas

Located where the fans are; in or near malls, shopping districts, entertainment zones, etc. Turnkey concept of tournament arenas & social centers with broadcast capability.

Alpha North Media

Leverages partnerships, management team & online ecosystem to build & distribute content across all platforms.