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Integrated live & online gaming, content production and publishing for sponsor partners, brands, community events and more.

An all-inclusive strategy

To develop player talent, lifelong fans and brand loyalty. The audience is massive. The opportunity immense.
Online Platform
Mobile Tournaments
Player Development
Neighbourhood Arenas
Sponsor Programs online platform

Alpha North’s GamerzArena division provides unified gameplay, broadcast feeds, endless content, wide online audiences and tiered subscription revenues. For an even more immersive experience, the GamerzArena Pro platform provides players with added enhancements and incentives including exclusive tournaments. A robust platform for a rapidly growing global culture.

Alpha North mobile gaming tournament vehicle

Complete mobile tournament & broadcast centers on wheels! Available for events, fundraisers and sponsor programs. Creates live excitement closer to home, introduces gamers to Alpha and serves community needs via fundraising and sponsor opportunities. Experience tournament culture live in your community.

Alpha North player development program

Integrated across all Alpha platforms to identify, nurture and propel young players towards regional and national event visibility. Alpha partners with professional sports organizations to develop their Esports youth programs. A goal oriented, family friendly sport culture.

Alpha North neighbourhood arenas

A franchise-capable concept of small to medium tournament gaming arenas and social centers with broadcast capability.  Target locations are where the fans are; in or near malls, shopping districts, entertainment zones, etc. Revenues from entry fees, game subscriptions, sponsorships and merchandise sales. An all-inclusive safe & friendly social hangout for gamers by gamers.

Sponsorship programs with sports teams & leagues

To promote talent as part of a larger community-wide effort.

Building loyalty, brand awareness and revenue generation.


Success of Pro-gamers
Cybersport, just like any sporting event has professional players who make a living out of the game....
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07 Jan 2020
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07 Jan 2020
Worlds 2019 Play-in Groups Day 2 round up
StarSeries i-League Season 8 ended on 27 October with Evil Genius beating Fnatic on the final to take...
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07 Jan 2020
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