Alpha North

Who We Are

An integrated esports company with competitive gaming at its core.


From the individual gamer, to major name brand sponsors, we aim to engage and focus on player development and community involvement for long term sustainable growth.


Alpha North aims to build a transformative ecosystem to satisfy the emerging needs of this rapidly changing and growing industry.

The Time is Now

The pop-culturization of esports has helped power an eruption of investment and revenues.

  • Esports exploded from the social component of live streaming and gaming.
  • Gaming-specific streaming platforms like Twitch and YouTube Gaming connected fans to players, teams and mainstream audiences.
  • Social media helped build a culture.

Early successes have created new revenue opportunities

Merchandising, fundraising and sponsorship positions brands beyond the sport into mainstream culture.

Now esports fans come by the thousands and an online social scene has transformed into a real-world social gathering; creating regular opportunities to be with other gamers – to see and be seen

To play, win and achieve peer status, awards and more.

We Employ
  • In-depth highly defined demographic user data.
  • Data includes location, age, follower counts, follower growth, plus specific habits, likes, dislikes, and cultural interests.
  • Live events providing direct focus group trial platforms with instant observable and quantifiable feedback.
  • Integrated platform engagement allows deployment of user-specific interest measurements via polling and loyalty incentives.
  • Multiple touch points for brand engagement.
We Deliver
  • An engaged audience cheering on their favourite players and teams.
  • A program to introduce and advance regional rising stars and help propel them globally.
  • Compelling content professionally packaged and promoted.
  • A community that is dialed-in for excitement.
  • Interaction with our online platform, pop-up gaming events or neighborhood arenas; live audiences, simultaneous broadcasts, training programs & merchandise sales.

Our Relationships

The ultimate goal for every esport gamer is to win and move ahead in the sport.

Until now access to success has been tightly controlled by content providers who solely promoted their own online platforms and celebrity players.

Real world sports teams have taken note and sponsorship deals are being discussed with virtually every online platform and major league franchise looking for credible partnerships.

Alpha North offers something of real value to individual players; an ecosystem designed to help propel any gamer with proven ability towards ever greater success.

Our model compels sports leagues & franchises to consider short-term celebrity status versus long term sustainable growth that serves communities, fans and brands.

Alpha North offers something of real value to individual players; an ecosystem designed to help propel any gamer with ability towards ever greater success.

Gaming Gets Real

Alpha North Creates Packages and Reinvents Content.

Alpha North aims to bring the tournaments home – and extend the player development ecosystem.

  • Talented gamers will have access to high energy tournament play in their own cities, neighborhoods, and even at home.
  • Public professional Esports tournaments are viewable by a global audience.
  • The Alpha program ideally supports major sports teams and leagues in development of E-Teams within their organization. The capability creates opportunities for player advancement, fan loyalty & sponsor opportunities.
  • While there can only be so many major national tournaments, local & regional tournaments represent a massive untapped market across the nation and around the world.

Esports tournaments are creating celebrities, driving revenues and securing sponsorships.

  • Competitive gaming has brought Esports out of the basement and into arenas.
  • An entire industry sector is on track to surpass +$1.5B by 2023 (source:

Celebrity, stardom & prize money drive a pop-culture with unlimited growth potential.

Alpha North creates, acquires, consumes, packages and reinvents content.

We work with makers, creators, innovators, gamers, sponsors, influencers and developers to distribute compelling content to motivate, excite and activate a loyal following. Watch exciting gameplay from rising stars going head-to-head as individuals or team players.

Moderated by professional commentators and supported by brand leaders with products and messages perfectly attuned to the Alpha audience.



Emil Bodenstein

Mr. Bodenstein is an experienced founder with a demonstrated history of working in the sports industry. Mr Bodenstein has skills in Sales, Event Management, Account Management, Product Marketing, and Start-ups. Mr. Bodenstein has immersed himself in the world of Esports.

After forming Jobu Media Group in 2018, Mr. Bodenstein was able to acquire a license from Major League Baseball Players Association, and had over one hundred and thirty professional athletes participate in his first ever online Esports Challenge.


Eli Dusenbury

Eli Dusenbury has extensive experience as CFO of both public and private company’s in Canada and the US over a broad range of industries since obtaining his Chartered Accounting designation in 2010.  Previous to CFO consulting, he worked as an audit manager at both a Canadian and US audit firm with a focus on large scale manufacturing and technology under public reporting standards of Canada and the US.


Eric Mays

Mr. Mays has been a Sports Marketing Senior Manager for Under Armour, overseeing all of the work with the NFL, Boxing and Major League Baseball.


Dr. David Putrino

Dr. Putrino has a deep background in elite sports performance research, working with many high profile partners such as Red Bull High Performance, the NBA, the Brooklyn Nets and multiple partners in the English Premier League.


Dr. Gerry Ramogida

Dr. Gerry Ramogida is currently a performance therapist with the Golden State Warriors and has past experience working with professional sports teams such as the Seattle Seahawks and Vancouver Canucks.


Tyler Wilson

Mr. Wilson is the Director of Strategic Partnerships and Innovation for the Vancouver Whitecaps.  Experienced CRO in the Blockchain space and industry leader with over 15 years experience in the sports and entertainment sector.


Joe Krutel

Mr. Krutel has a bold reputation in Hollywood and is known for his wit, reliability, and talent as a seasoned producer, including his role as a producer on HBO’s hit show, Ballers, as well as other projects including Money Talks, Rush, Hour, Rush Hour 2, and the Family Man.